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Discover a heartwarming new dimension in The Tenants with the Pets DLC. From dogs and cats to raccoons, mini pigs, parrots, fish, hamsters, bunnies, frogs, and turtles, welcome a diverse array of adorable creatures into your rental empire. Build a relationship with your tenants and their pets, and watch your rental business flourish as you create pet-friendly homes for a wide variety of furry and feathered friends.


- Dynamic pets: Dogs (5 small and 5 large breeds), Cats (10 breeds), Parrots, Raccoons, Mini pigs.
- Static pets: Fish, Hamsters, Bunnies, Frogs, Turtles.
- Upgradable pet shelter
- Stray pets
- 4 new elite contracts
- New gifts, services, and sabotage options related to pets
- New pets related furniture
- New pets related events
- New phone app for pet management
- A new special mission dubbed "parrot collector" with a special secret prize


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